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Siobhan M
Feeding is so much better for both myself and my daughter
7 October 2022

My daughter was born with a minor tongue tie, which the NHS were unable to help us with quickly. I contacted Lauren, and arranged to meet with her. She spent time assessing my daughter and discussed the options we had going forward. We decided against the tongue tie at the time, so Lauren then spent time with me helping me to improve the latch my daughter was using. I've continued to work on this, with Lauren's support, and feeding is so much better for both myself and my daughter. I would definitely recommend Lauren to anyone looking for help with tongue tie or feeding help.

Nadia Hynes
We were really happy with the service from Lauren
13 August 2022

We were really happy with the service from Lauren, her assessment of our son’s tongue tie, her explanation of the procedure & everything it entails, then the division itself at a follow up appointment. She got back to us promptly and was able to fit us in quickly. I would definitely recommend 🙂

Claire Baptiste
An excellent service which deserves high praise
11 August 2022

Look no further...Lauren was amazing from first contact to the final check in.
Lauren offers her service's in a welcoming, clean and sterile environment . Whilst observing Covid rules. Knowledgeable in her field she had no issue with answering our many questions. Our son had a tongue tie and I was offered an appointment very quickly.
The procedure was carried out in less than a minute. Overall an excellent service which deserves high praise. Thank you Lauren

Mairead Izod
Such a great service and I felt so supported throughout
7 August 2022

Lauren came to my house to help with my 14 week year olds tongue tie. We were a borderline case and Lauren gave us all the time we needed to make a decision if to have it snipped or not. She spent a long time talking to me about the options and advising me. We went ahead with it and it was quick process and he recovered within minutes. The breast feeding has improved ten fold since and I can’t thank Lauren enough. Such a great service and I felt so supported throughout and after. Thankyou !!

S Kelly
Responsive, calm in nature and listens to your concerns
13 July 2022

Lauren has divided both my sons tongue ties over the past 2 years. I would highly recommend her for tongue tie assessment and infant feeding support. She is very responsive, calm in nature and listens to your concerns. She has been a huge help to our family. Thank you.

Amy Heathcote
Lauren talked us through our options and made us feel at ease
6 July 2022
I’m so glad we found Lauren. The hour journey was so worth it. My Little girl had a very forward tongue tie and Lauren saw it straight away. She talked us through everything and our options and made us feel at ease and home. After the snip was done she gave tips on how to made feeding better.
Thank you so much Lauren for giving my little girl her voice now haha
Would highly recommend
Joelle Coch
Don’t think twice – go and see her!
3 July 2022

Don't think twice - go and see her! There's not many times I will say this but Lauren is truly gifted! she was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. my sister found her details on a group page recommendation. I was crying and curling my toes in pain every feed. I had had a C-Section 3 days prior to seeing her with my first baby. feeding was do painful and baby was cluster feeding. I heard of tongue tie and had googled it as suspected baby might have this, at the hospital when I asked they said no, but someone had written it in her red book (unbeknown to me) my partner was anxious about tongue tie division, but after Lauren explained everything and had confirmed she did indeed have tongue tie we went ahead, baby hardly cried for 2 seconds and I instantly found relief with feeding. baby had lost weight initially but she's swiftly putting it back on and I'm able to continue my breastfeeding journey without dreading every feed. Lauren gave after care advice and tips which are invaluable.

Thomas Knight
Very capable and professional
13 June 2022

Very capable and professional. Gave us some great advice and did the tongue snip with no issue.

Eszter Párdi
I was really nervous but Lauren took time to answer all my questions
23 May 2022

I would highly recommend Lauren. She came to see my 9 week old twins in our home. I was really nervous but Lauren explained the procedure and took time to answer all my questions. The division was done in seconds and both my girls settled very quickly after it. Since the appointment I have noticed that my girls enjoy their bottle much more and there is less dribbling and sickness. Also since the procedure they are so happy to stick their tongue out and explore all the new movements that they can do with it now. Thank you Lauren for your help and advice.

Naren Patel
Very helpful, professional and knowledgeable
13 May 2022

My wife and I took our 10 week old for a tongue tie assessment. The result was good in the sense that it was categorised as mild but bad in the sense that we were more apprehensive about doing the division. Lauren was very thorough but to the point about our options and showed no bias for or against. She was able to provide us with confidence when she accurately described the average levels of discomfort caused usually being minimal at this age so we decided to have it done and now Baba is able to move her tongue a lot more freely. Literally 1 feed later she was settled and we now we will try the exercises we’ve been taught. Lauren also offered to weigh her to save us a trip to the clinic. Very helpful, professional and knowledgeable.

Jorden Smith
100% recommend Lauren
20 April 2022

We highly recommend Lauren she came to our rescue on our baby daughters first day home after a very distressing first night of not being able to feed because of tongue tie and a bad latch. 100% recommend Lauren did a tongue tie division and helped with breast feeding attachment! Thank you again for everything.

Chloe Burchell
Lauren made me feel completely relaxed
1 April 2022

Lauren was very professional and responded really quickly to my enquiry on my little girls tongue tie. She made me completely relaxed about the situation and explained everything in detail to a very nervous first time mum, which I really appreciated! Her aftercare instructions were also really clear and again, I appreciated the level of detail she went into. Highly recommend Lauren!

Courtney Wilkin
Worth every penny!
19 March 2022

Can't recommend Lauren enough, she came out 4 days after I gave birth to help with my latch and check for tongue tie. Had absolutely no issues since she helped me. Also gave me so much useful information. Worth every penny!

Hayley Elizabeth King
Lauren gave us her focus and listened thoroughly
9 March 2022

I would highly recommend seeing Lauren. She came to our home to assess a tongue tie and was very knowledgeable and efficient. Before I knew it the tie was snipped and done. She helped with breastfeeding and advised on adjusting positioning. I felt like she gave us her focus and listened thoroughly. Definitely get in touch if you think a tie assessment is needed!

Janine Blakeway-Ely
Breastfeeding is now massively improved and no pain!
8 March 2022

Lauren came to me home and fixed my sons tongue tie, she was super quick and then gave me lots of advice on feeding and positioning, none of it was rushed she really took her time and then followed up to see how I was doing. Breast feeding has now massively improved and no pain for me either, thank you Lauren! ❤️

Lena Hails
Lauren was brilliant!
27 February 2022

My daughter was born with a borderline tongue tie and I had pain when feeding, and when the NHS wasn't able to help me with it quickly, I contacted Lauren. She came to my house the same afternoon I contacted her. She explained everything so thoroughly, answered all my questions, spent time watching me feed my daughter, and even took the time to weigh her for my own reassurance. She explained all the pros and cons of a tongue tie cut and then performed the cut and it all went smoothly. It has made a big difference to my feeds, but also all the latch advice Lauren gave me also really improved things for me. Lauren has since also answered more follow up questions on multiple occasions. I would definitely recommend Lauren for any breastfeeding or tongue tie issues. She was brilliant!

The procedure was quick and simple and has definitely improved his feeding
26 February 2022

Lauren was very responsive when we enquired about an appointment for our 12 week old son's tongue tie assessment. We were hoping for confirmation of tongue tie that we had suspected since birth but had been dismissed at the time by other healthcare professionals. She was very professional, and explained the procedure which was quick and simple and has definitely improved his feeding. Follow up a week later was most welcome, we would recommend Lauren's services for anyone who may be struggling with their baby's feeding with a suspected tongue tie.

Cathy McNicholas
Would recommend to any mother experiencing difficulties breastfeeding
19 February 2022

Lauren was very helpful in showing me alternative breastfeeding positions to try and in removing my son’s tongue tie. She fully explained the procedure and the aftercare and made sure we were comfortable with proceeding. I would recommend her services to any mother experiencing difficulties breastfeeding.

Hannah Claire
Calm, kind and incredibly knowledgeable
13 January 2022

Our son had a significant tongue tie and whilst in hospital there was no support given or any idea on waiting times for this to be resolved. My son was also significantly jaundice and struggling to feed due to his tongue tie. I was keen to get his tongue tie resolved very quickly. Fortunately I found Lauren’s details on Facebook. I contacted her from my hospital bed. Lauren responded almost immediately. We arranged for Lauren to come to our house the day after we were discharged from hospital. Having Lauren in our house instantly put us at ease with the procedure. She was calm, kind and incredibly knowledgeable. She was able to understand and sympathise about our difficult time in hospital. Lauren also chatted to my toddler and took the time to give him attention also. The procedure was quick and my son cried for just a few seconds. Lauren had explained every part of the procedure so well that we knew what to expect in terms of after care and recovery. My son was almost instantly latching and feeding better. Lauren contacted us a few weeks later to ensure everything was going well. I highly recommend contacting Lauren if your baby has a tongue tie or feeding related issues. She was absolutely brilliant. My son is now 3 months old and has had no issues since. Thank you Lauren!

Lucy Calcutt
I can’t thank Lauren enough for saving my breastfeeding journey!
3 December 2021

After a difficult and traumatic time feeding my eldest, I was over the moon when my daughter was born, latched and fed beautifully. However, after a few days it was all starting to feel horribly familiar - excruciating pain, cracked and bleeding nipples, dreading every feed. A midwife suggested she might be tongue tied and I knew I needed help as soon as possible, so I found Lauren on the tongue tie website and booked the next possible appointment for when my daughter was 11 days old. Lauren made me feel immediately at ease, explained everything thoroughly and listened when I needed to offload. She corrected the tongue tie quickly and efficiently, my daughter cried for a couple of seconds then latched and fed comfortably. She gave plenty of advice on positioning and latching baby, and how best to heal the damage to my nipples. Lauren checked in regularly to see how we were getting on, and came back out to see us when I needed moral support to get rid of the nipple shields.My little girl is now 12 weeks old and still exclusively breastfed. I am happy, comfortable and confident feeding anywhere and everywhere - in a busy pub on a Friday night, walking in the woods, in a swimming pool, even in a sling while mucking out my horse! I can’t thank Lauren enough for saving my breastfeeding journey; if only all new mums had access to this kind of support right from the beginning. Highly recommended!