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Alessi Wager-Pope
Lovely and knowledgeable, well worth it
December 11, 2020

Lauren came to us last week for a tongue tie consultation and division, she was lovely and knowledgeable. Our 4th was very tongue tied, he was struggling with feeding as was I, and having fed his older sisters I was determined that I wouldn’t give in, unfortunately with covid there are no local referrals on the nhs in our area so we went down the private route, I am so pleased we did, he is feeding so much better and is more content between feeds, well worth it. Would definitely recommend Lauren to anyone who wants/needs support for tongue tie and breastfeeding issues. Many thanks.

Ally Farr
The kindness and support Lauren offered has been invaluable
December 10, 2020

Lauren is the reason I was able to continue breastfeeding. She offered so much more than just the tongue tie procedure (which she made quick and painless for both baby and parents) she stayed with us for some time after, supporting me with latch, guiding me on how to help heal after damage from the tongue tie and showing me how to express to ease the engorgement and prevent mastitis. The kindness and support she offered has been invaluable to us.

Anna Tutty
An excellent service
December 4, 2020

Lauren provided an excellent service when dividing our baby’s tongue tie. I would highly recommend her professionalism. Thank you Lauren for enabling us to breastfeed pain free!

Laura Hersey
So calm and caring – what a difference it has made!
November 23, 2020

Lauren was amazing from the moment I contacted her. She was so calm and caring and clearly went through the options with us. What a difference the division has made, really wish I had reached out sooner. Highly recommend Lauren.

Carly Shawcroft
Extremely knowledgeable and super friendly!
November 19, 2020

Highly recommend Lauren, spent lots of time with us both before and after Rosie’s tie division was happy to answer any questions we had. Extremely knowledgeable about her profession and super friendly!

Chloe Scannell
I was ready to give up, and now he’s exclusively breast feeding
November 7, 2020

Lauren answered my query straight away via messenger after being recommended to me, she fit me in very quickly that week to come and look at my son’s tongue tie and do the division. She spent the time talking us through what would happen as well as assessing him to see if needed it, once the division was done Lauren stayed to make sure everything was ok and the difference was seen straight away, at first taking the bottle he had stopped his dribbling, a couple of days later I stopped expressing and tried exclusively breast feeding and he has been exclusively breast feeding since, I can’t recommend enough before I had this done I was ready to stop pumping and give up on breast feeding and now he’s exclusively breast feeding, thank you 🙂

Jessica D'Arcy
Lauren made us completely comfortable
October 26, 2020

I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough. She fitted me in very quickly when my son was born with an obvious tongue tie. She spent time discussing the division and what was involved. Taking time to answer all of my questions. The information I received was worth every penny. She engaged with myself, baby and husband, making us completely comfortable. As soon as the division was performed the difference was immense. I am so thankful that because of Lauren we’ve been able to continue our breastfeeding journey.

Hayley Byfield
I am so thankful that I can continue my breastfeeding journey
October 4, 2020

I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough. She spent an hour and a half with me discussing various ways to boost baby’s weight gain using breast milk alone before performing the division. The information I received was worth the fee alone. She engaged with my baby and made her completely comfortable. As soon as the division was performed I put baby to breast and the difference was huge. I am so thankful that I can continue my breastfeeding journey thanks to Lauren.

Vanessa Damment
Thank you from a happy mummy and baby!
September 10, 2020

Lauren is so reassuring and helpful – the support she gave me helped salvage my breastfeeding journey as I was in so much pain and at my wits end with how to improve things. I would not hesitate to recommend L to anyone who wants some support with breastfeeding and Lauren, a big thank you once again from a very happy mummy and baby!! Xx

James Clarke
A wonderful outcome – so glad we went
September 2, 2020

Lauren has a great home practice, beautifully clean and inviting, with all the precautions for covid-19 you would expect in any medical situation. We managed to get an appointment at short notice and so glad we went. A great explanation and wonderful outcome once our little one’s tongue tie was cut. Feeding hugely improved and his tongue mobility greatly increased. He likes sticking his tongue out😝 A huge thanks from us Lauren

Vicky Layton
I walked away feeling positive
August 26, 2020

I met Lauren at her clinic and she couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable if she tried. She really took the time to listen as I started reeling off a list of my worries regarding my 15 week old, before explaining the process of the assessment and even though we didn’t need to have the procedure done, Lauren never made me feel rushed or any less important. Her knowledge and advice was so helpful and I walked away feeling positive.

Abbi Hodgson
Lauren was great at explaining every step
August 18, 2020

I had my son in the peak of the pandemic and because of this couldn’t get referred for his tie to be done. He was in so much pain with reflux and colic. I found Lauren she was great at explaining EVERY step to me about before and after, even showing me pictures. After it was snipped she showed me pictures of how it could heal and told me I can contact her about anything. She emailed me about a week later to check everything was still going OK which it was… he’s been great ever since and we noticed an instant difference on his latch (I was bottle feeding). She is brilliant. will recommend to anyone.

Emma Mist
Would recommend in a heartbeat
August 8, 2020

I contacted lauren half way through my pregnancy, due to hearing that some of my friends had experienced difficulties with their babies including tongue tie and establishing breastfeeding. So I wanted to be as prepared as I could be and sourced lauren to have on standby should I need her help, following the birth of my baby. So lauren and I had been in communication prior to the birth of my child and I was aware of her services.
As it turned out my daughter did need lauren’s assistance very short notice. Lauren was exceptional and was always very prompt with a response, despite some very early morning contact in sheer desperation. In the end my daughter saw lauren for a tongue tie procedure and lauren also recommended a lactation consultant to assist, as she was unavailable. Lauren also recommended medication to help me lactate. Again this has been invaluable as I was desperate to breastfeed but my milk was in short supply. Lauren has demonstrated her compassion and her level of expertise and I would recommend lauren in a heart beat. She was fantastic!

Thank you so much Lauren!

Lauren made our breastfeeding journey possible
August 7, 2020

Lauren visited us at our home in February when our baby, Kaisha was just 6 days old and really struggling to feed at the breast. After her assessment and swift division procedure, Kaisha was able to form a better latch and feed really well.
Lauren took time to explain her assessment and score as well as the details of the procedure and aftercare and answered all our questions fully.
The procedure itself was very prompt with Kaisha crying only very briefly. Lauren was thorough and professional, offering help after the procedure and even checking in to make sure everything was going well a week later. We owe our thanks to Lauren for making our breastfeeding journey possible! Thank you so much!

Vickie Smith
So pleased with the care and improvement
August 3, 2020

Lauren was professional and friendly, explaining the procedure and aftercare clearly. The improvement in feeding was noticeable nearly straight away. My 8 day old daughter was able to latch on much better (which continued to improve over 48 hours) after the division and it seemed like less effort for her to feed. Before the division she was tired very quickly when feeding, losing interest and consequently not feeding enough.
The actual division was very quick and she didn’t cry much at all, this was the part I was dreading, but was less stressful than heal prick test at day 5.
So pleased with the care and improvement to my daughters feeding. I can now breast feed pain free.

Francesca Howard
Pain free breastfeeding ever since!
July 11, 2020

So grateful for my time with Lauren. I doubt I would have managed to continue breastfeeding past 2 weeks without her help and patience. I came home and managed pain free breastfeeding ever since. Thank you so much.

Anna Kaja
A lovely, caring individual
July 1, 2020

Lauren was very quick in replying and booking us in to be seen. Very professional and aligned to current situation. But mostly just a lovely, caring individual who helped by listening and guiding to get the result we aimed for – good latch and happy mama and baby 🙂 I would highly recommend to new parents thinking they have a baby with tongue-tie / having trouble breastfeeding.

Michelle Moxey
Amazing advice, would highly recommend
June 12, 2020

Lauren performed a tongue tie division on our 1 week old son and it worked a treat. He’s feeding improved so much after this. We felt the appointment with Lauren was brilliant – not just for the tongue tie division but for all the amazing advice we were given. I would highly recommend. Thanks.

Flavia Toledo Leite
Grateful I found her, helpful & reassuring
May 26, 2020

I had a lot of trouble getting my baby to latch when she was born. Lauren helped me with her tongue tie and gave lots of advice on latching my baby and how to feed my baby until breastfeeding was well established. Also, she was really helpful and reassuring recently as well in a mouth thrush my baby is facing. I’m grateful I found her because breastfeeding would have been much more challenging without her help (and it’s been really tough).

Sophie Leonie Barrow
Nothing short of amazing
March 23, 2020

Lauren has been nothing short of amazing in mine and my baby’s feeding journey. He was born premature at 30 weeks so our feeding journey has been different to how I expected. Lauren helped guide me and give me confidence in what I was doing when we were in the NICU and is a book of knowledge. Once we were out 2 weeks later I also booked an appointment with her for some further support. She was so caring and listened to my concerns and showed me different ways to improve what we were already doing. I doubted that things were going well but she totally reassured me in every way. I’m so thankful that I came across Lauren to help me on my breastfeeding journey. I can’t recommend her enough!