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Vickie Smith
So pleased with the care and improvement
August 3, 2020

Lauren was professional and friendly, explaining the procedure and aftercare clearly. The improvement in feeding was noticeable nearly straight away. My 8 day old daughter was able to latch on much better (which continued to improve over 48 hours) after the division and it seemed like less effort for her to feed. Before the division she was tired very quickly when feeding, losing interest and consequently not feeding enough.
The actual division was very quick and she didn’t cry much at all, this was the part I was dreading, but was less stressful than heal prick test at day 5.
So pleased with the care and improvement to my daughters feeding. I can now breast feed pain free.

Francesca Howard
Pain free breastfeeding ever since!
July 11, 2020

So grateful for my time with Lauren. I doubt I would have managed to continue breastfeeding past 2 weeks without her help and patience. I came home and managed pain free breastfeeding ever since. Thank you so much.

Anna Kaja
A lovely, caring individual
July 1, 2020

Lauren was very quick in replying and booking us in to be seen. Very professional and aligned to current situation. But mostly just a lovely, caring individual who helped by listening and guiding to get the result we aimed for – good latch and happy mama and baby 🙂 I would highly recommend to new parents thinking they have a baby with tongue-tie / having trouble breastfeeding.

Michelle Moxey
Amazing advice, would highly recommend
June 12, 2020

Lauren performed a tongue tie division on our 1 week old son and it worked a treat. He’s feeding improved so much after this. We felt the appointment with Lauren was brilliant – not just for the tongue tie division but for all the amazing advice we were given. I would highly recommend. Thanks.

Flavia Toledo Leite
Grateful I found her, helpful & reassuring
May 26, 2020

I had a lot of trouble getting my baby to latch when she was born. Lauren helped me with her tongue tie and gave lots of advice on latching my baby and how to feed my baby until breastfeeding was well established. Also, she was really helpful and reassuring recently as well in a mouth thrush my baby is facing. I’m grateful I found her because breastfeeding would have been much more challenging without her help (and it’s been really tough).

Sophie Leonie Barrow
Nothing short of amazing
March 23, 2020

Lauren has been nothing short of amazing in mine and my baby’s feeding journey. He was born premature at 30 weeks so our feeding journey has been different to how I expected. Lauren helped guide me and give me confidence in what I was doing when we were in the NICU and is a book of knowledge. Once we were out 2 weeks later I also booked an appointment with her for some further support. She was so caring and listened to my concerns and showed me different ways to improve what we were already doing. I doubted that things were going well but she totally reassured me in every way. I’m so thankful that I came across Lauren to help me on my breastfeeding journey. I can’t recommend her enough!

Jade Clements
Vast difference to feeding
March 19, 2020

Lauren was very professional throughout her visit which took place within a day of contacting her for support. She explained the tongue tie procedure clearly and made the experience very calm. We have noticed a vast difference in the way that our baby now feeds, she is healing well and we are very grateful for the after care support Lauren has provided. I would highly recommend Lauren and Love Milk to any of my friends experiencing similar difficulties with tongue tie/ feeding in the future.

Kevin O'Neill
Thank you Lauren!
February 14, 2020

Lauren helped us out massively when we got home from hospital and had no idea what we were meant to be doing. She was so calm and dropped in that night which meant a lot. The ‘nipple tilt’ and tongue tie separation did the trick and our little fella has been latched ever since!

Louise Clark
Now breastfeeding with no issues!
January 28, 2020

Lauren was really helpful and came out to see our son over a weekend just before Christmas to look at his tongue tie. She did a separation that day as well – it was really appreciated rather than having to wait until the new year to have it done at Luton. She also gave advice on general feeding positions and latching. We’re now 6 weeks in and successfully breastfeeding with no issues!

Amber Peters
Wealth of knowledge, skill & empathy
December 29, 2019

Her wealth of knowledge, skill, empathy and calming manner make her brilliant. She’s clearly passionate about supporting parents and has helped us immensely. Lauren was warm, reassuring, professional and clearly highly skilled in her work. She not only calmed me down and made the whole process as pleasant as possible, she was also lovely to my 3 year old daughter and made us all feel very welcome. My baby is feeding better already, I would confidently say Lauren has saved our breastfeeding journey. I cannot thank you enough Lauren

Catherine Hudson
Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend
December 15, 2019

We met Lauren at a baby event in Milton Keynes and asked her to have a check if our baby’s tongue tie had reattached at all. Lauren was reassuring, professional, and empathetic during our time with her. She gave us space to breastfeed, and even introduced us to other local breastfeeding peer supporters during the time we spent with her. We would not hesitate to recommend her 💗

Ashy Lucienne Wéry
Welcoming and warm
December 9, 2019

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Lauren! She is so welcoming and was very warm and loving to my little Theodore! Lauren was very helpful at teaching me ways to get Theodore back to the breast! And she made sure I understood everything she was explaining. She also made sure I knew where to find the help I needed and who I could turn to.. including herself! Thank you so so much 💙

Ash Falloon
Brilliant & Professional
December 8, 2019

Lauren was brilliant and professional. My 11 week old boy is now doing much better since his tongue tie procedure. Would 100% recommend. Thank you again Lauren 😊

Samantha Moody
Professional, caring and passionate
December 3, 2019

I can highly recommend Lauren. My son George recently had a tongue tie division. Lauren carried out an assessment at short notice and performed the division in the comfort of our own home. She was very clear to explain the procedure and I felt very well informed. We didn’t feel rushed. Lauren is professional, caring and very passionate about what she does. Thank you again Lauren x

Carolyn Anderson
Very thoughtful
November 25, 2019

I took my sister to see Lauren Wong when her baby was a week old as I suspected baby had a tongue-tie. Lauren saw my sister at very short notice, which we were very grateful for. Lauren took her time getting a whole picture of feeding right from the birth until then. She then took her time assessing baby’s mouth and tongue function. She took her time explaining to my sister the scores she gave baby and gave her recommendation regarding division. My sister went ahead with the division there and then, however, she was under no pressure whatsoever to do so. Lauren then gave latch and positioning advice. Lauren is happy to be asked follow-up questions and likes to hear how babies are doing after their appointments. She is very thoughtful and caring and I 100% recommend her for Lactation Support and/or Tongue-tie assessment and division.

Johanna Sargeant
Lauren is your lady!
November 19, 2019

Lauren is an amazing professional, ensuring that her knowledge remains incredibly up-to-date with any new developments in the field. If you are looking for someone who you can truly trust as someone at the top of their field, with the compassion to go alongside this gold standard of support.

Rebecca Carrington
Responded quickly and sensitively
October 22, 2019

Lauren responded very quickly and sensitively to help with my daughters tongue tie which meant we could get along better with feeding our newborn without any added pressure.

Tazeem Goodger
Saved the Day
October 18, 2019

After being let down by the hospital referral system Lauren at Love Milk swooped in and saved the day. As a first time mum Lauren set my anxieties at ease within the first 5 minutes of being in our home. Having traveled to visit us after her long working day and completing both a consultation and tongue tie treatment all within the same last minute appointment we couldn’t be happier. Our week old daughter is now able to feed with ease and no discomfort. I would recommend Lauren and Love Milk to anyone who needs assistance with breast feeding or tongue tie issues. Thank you again Lauren xxx

Gemma Isulfi
Patient and Caring
October 1, 2019

I met Lauren a few weeks ago when Jasper was just a week old. She was both patient and caring as well as professional and confident. Her suggestions were amazing and helped us continue our feeding journey with more confidence and less pain. I would highly recommend her and I’m extremely grateful for her invaluable input

Professional and friendly
August 20, 2019

I highly recommend Lauren. She was lovely throughout. Lauren had extensive knowledge along with the perfect balance between professional and friendly putting me at ease. It is nice to see someone doing a job because they genuinely care about both mother and child. I can’t imagine going to anyone else now that I’ve found her.