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Jenna Ellerton
Lauren was so welcoming and put us at ease
April 16, 2021

Lauren was so welcoming and put us in complete ease when she did our sons tongue tie division. It made such a difference to our son and would highly recommend Lauren, even if it’s just for advice!

Chrissy Bury
I went from being completely devastated to over the moon
April 12, 2021

I could not recommend Lauren enough! I had my son 3 weeks ago and originally contacted Lauren for tongue tie cut due to there being a wait list at the hospital and me being in a lot of pain from it- and booked in for the next day! The night before she came, I had given Jack a bottle as recommended by the midwife due to weight loss and after that Jack completely refused to feed from me. Thankfully Lauren was already due out the following day, cut his tongue tie and then helped us re-establish breast feeding. This was not straight forward but Lauren was absolutely fantastic, she used different techniques, was calm and patient and got Jack back feeding!!! I had gone from being completely devastated to over the moon! Her support following has also been the best support I have had and she’s answered all my questions and given fantastic advice. Without a doubt saved our feeding journey and supported us the whole way. Jack has gone from losing a lot of weight to gaining a strong amount almost back at birth weight. I could not be happier!

Jenni Blake
Kind, professional and compassionate
March 26, 2021

Lauren assessed and divided my 9 week old son’s tongue tie in March 2021. From start to finish she was kind, professional and compassionate, providing detail on the operation and clear guidance on healing and recovery. My son’s feeding has improved dramatically, with him taking in much less air and he is much more settled. Thank you Lauren!

We felt extremely valued and listened too!
March 17, 2021

I would highly recommend Lauren for anyone who is struggling with a baby with tongue tie or with breastfeeding. Lauren was able to help our little boy so much not only with the tongue tie but great support in making me feel at ease whilst she gave us tips and help with breastfeeding! We felt extremely valued and listened too!

George Curelea
We highly recommend her services, she is absolutely incredible!
March 16, 2021

Lauren is an incredible professional, she has assessed our daughter’s tongue tie and did the division. She has also assisted us with breastfeeding advice and answered all our questions with confidence. We highly recommend her services, she is absolutely incredible!

Lauren Welton
Very knowledgeable and assuring, it has definitely helped
March 16, 2021

I can highly recommend Lauren. She was able to see us within 2 days of me contacting her, was very knowledgeable and assuring. I was very apprehensive about the procedure but Lauren made me feel at ease and it was very quick. It has definitely helped my little one, she feeds better and has less issues with wind since having her tongue tie cut.

Laura Blake
Turns out there was no tongue tie, I just needed support!
March 13, 2021

I had my little girl in September 2020 and after a few days I was struggling with breastfeeding mainly incredibly sore nipples, I was told she could be tongue tied and the wait was 2 weeks on the nhs so I contacted Lauren and booked an appointment with her that week. Lauren did a thorough examination on my little girl and it turns out she wasn’t tongue tied, I just needed a bit of support with attachment . Lauren was fantastic and so supportive , she observed me feeding my daughter and was able to offer lots of advice on different holds and how to get her to attach better on to the nipple . She also gave me some healing pads to help with the damage that had been done to my nipple which worked a treat! I have now been breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months and that was down to Lauren’s help ! So thank you! I also have a good supply of milk and am a registered milk donor for Oxford milk bank. Thank you Lauren 

Faye Armstrong
Would highly recommend Lauren for tongue tie division and breastfeeding support
March 1, 2021

Highly recommend Lauren for tongue tie division and breastfeeding support. She was able to see us at extremely short notice and performed tongue tie division on our little girl. Lauren was professional and knowledgeable and gave us the reassurance we needed to continue with feeding. 1 week on and breastfeeding is going well and is now pain free 🙂 Thank you Lauren!

Roshni Depala
Thank you for your great care and attention
February 27, 2021

Lauren assessed and divided my son’s tongue tie in September 2020. She took great precautions to make us feel safe despite COVID. Lauren was professional and reassuring throughout. She kept us fully informed so that we understood what was happening during the division. 5 months later I had to contact Lauren again due to concerns about breastfeeding and possible tongue tie reattachment. She was very quick to reply, squeezed us in for a thorough assessment at her home clinic and quickly allayed our concerns. I would highly recommend Lauren. Thank you so much Lauren for your great care and attention whilst seeing us.

Claire Baldock
I would highly recommend Lauren
February 25, 2021

I would highly recommend Lauren for anyone struggling with breast feeding. Lauren was able to come and visit me the day after I was home from hospital and gave me the confidence to persevere with breastfeeding along with plenty of information and techniques to help us crack feeding.

J Johnson
It made so much difference
February 18, 2021

I got an appointment really quickly and easily. Lauren was really knowledgeable and explained things easily to us. She really helped improve the latch and suggest different positions which also helped. She explained about the tongue tie and didn’t push cutting the tongue tie at all. We decided to go ahead with the cut and it made so much difference. She also have me some hydro gel patches to try and help heal the damage that had already been done to my nipples and these made a huge difference too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone to help make your breastfeeding journey better.

Laura Foskett
I’m so pleased I made an appointment
February 8, 2021

Lauren was able to see me at short notice to help my 9 week old with her tongue tie. The procedure was quick and Lauren was very informative and reassuring. I have since seen an improvement in feeding and my daughters temperament. I’m so pleased I made an appointment.

Natalie Toms
Our daughter is now feeding perfectly
February 4, 2021

Cannot thank Lauren enough, we got booked in so quick so sort out our daughters tongue tie. The information we received along with the procedure was fantastic. The procedure was quick and pretty much pain free, our daughter is now feeding perfectly thank you so much Lauren.

Sophie B-T
Patient and Kind
February 3, 2021

I saw Lauren when my daughter was 3 days old with tongue tie. She was patient and kind, and I felt reassured after several teary and painful days trying to get bf established. I would recommend Lauren to any parents with bf or tongue tie issues, I am so glad we saw Lauren so early on, things improved almost immediately and I felt confident and supported in the aftercare also. Thanks Lauren you saved my bf journey!

Emmi Hagon
Lauren is amazing!
January 28, 2021

Lauren was an amazing help to kick-start our breastfeeding journey after a tongue tie division. Our difficulties with latching disappeared straight away and with the guidance and support from Lauren we actually felt confident that we were doing the right thing. I cannot recommend enough and actually I found Lauren by word of mouth too. She is amazing! 🤩

Jess Fludgate
Lauren definitely saved our breastfeeding journey
January 23, 2021

After my first baby had a tongue tie which was left too long for us to be able to establish breastfeeding, I had researched local practitioners in case baby 2 also had a tongue tie. Lauren came highly recommended and was able to see us the day after I contacted her which was a huge relief as we were really struggling. Lauren put us at ease right from the start and took the time to explain everything to us, talking us through the process which was thankfully very quick! She also spent some time with us after the procedure to help us with improving the latch and showing us different positions to try. It’s definitely saved our breastfeeding journey and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lauren and her services! Thank you again!

Steve H
Very glad we chose Lauren
January 18, 2021

We had an extremely positive experience with Lauren who was very knowledgeable and assuring in her approach with helping our second born with tongue tie. A little bit apprehensive prior to the procedure we were put at ease by her friendly and professional approach and were glad she was able to carry out the procedure quickly and without fuss. She also gave my wife other tips on breastfeeding and we are both very glad we chose her to undertake this for us.

Lauren was amazing
January 16, 2021

Lauren was amazing, I can only recommend her. 100% professional.

Charlotte Tighe
Really impressed with my experience with Lauren
January 11, 2021

Really impressed with my experience with Lauren. Responded to messages quickly, gives practical and reassuring advice, provides a personal and supportive service. My breastfeeding journey significantly improved after spending time with Lauren, including a swift and professional resolution to my babies tongue tie. Would highly recommend

Emma Wiley
Worth every penny!
December 29, 2020

We are very grateful to Lauren – she replied promptly to my cry for help and came to assess my son just a couple of hours later. Her assessment and correction of his tongue tie has enabled me to continue breastfeeding him (something I personally felt very strongly about but the extreme discomfort combined with postnatal hormones were causing me to reconsider!!) She explained the procedure/risks/aftercare clearly and spent time afterwards discussing and demonstrating different feeding positions to help improve his latch. The hydrogel dressings were a lifesaver too! Worth every penny and would highly recommend to anyone struggling with feeding or having issues.

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