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So grateful that Lauren acted in baby’s best interest
26 September 2023

I was at my wits’ end when I contacted Lauren following very painful feeding and a tongue tie diagnosis from a community midwife. She responded to my enquiry instantly and was able to fit me in the following morning.

Lauren assessed my baby and concluded that snipping the tongue tie would have minimal benefit, instead offering me practical guidance on how to improve the latch and ease the agonising pain I was experiencing. I was initially disappointed, hoping that rectifying the tongue tie would be my silver bullet, so was amazed when the excruciating pain from breast feeding subsided rapidly by changing the feeding position.

I was so grateful that Lauren acted in mine and my baby's best interests even though this meant a reduced fee for her. I have been busy recommending Lauren to the other NCT mummies since!

Lauren Hnk
Saved me from giving up on breast feeding!
22 September 2023

Would highly recommend Lauren - responsive, professional and delivers results. She saved me from giving up on breast feeding - a big thank you Lauren!

Zahra Al-Safi
Absolutely amazing experience
17 September 2023

Absolutely amazing experience with Lauren who has literally saved my breastfeeding journey. Baby was spotted with tongue tie the day he was born and I wanted to exclusively breastfeed and was sent home with excruciating pain 24/7 where the latch was so bad. Opted to go with Lauren instead of wait for the NHS and it was so worth it. She did a full examination of baby’s tongue tie with a score which validated all the pain I had been going through as baby scored quite bad. The procedure was super quick and Lauren stayed with me to provide breastfeeding and latch advice (something I never received in hospital). I couldn’t recommend Lauren enough and am so grateful she could squeeze me in and help me and my baby!

Lydia Phillips
Lauren was gentle and quick with the whole procedure
14 September 2023

Lauren provided a home visit for my little boy with tongue tie. She was warm and friendly and educated me with all of her knowledge which was so helpful as a first time mum. She was gentle and quick with the whole procedure. She even recommended a cranial osteopath after watching my little one which no one else has ever mentioned to me before to help with his pain. Thank you Lauren

Lauren Robinson
Lauren gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed
11 September 2023

Lauren gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to keep breastfeeding. I had a sleepy baby who was not gaining weight and we had been using nipple shields from birth based on a wrongly suspected tongue tie. Lauren was patient and gave me practical advice and reassurance when I was ready to give up and switch to exclusive expressing. Just a few weeks on baby is gaining weight well and we’ve just weaned off the nipple shield thanks to the latching technique Lauren showed me. I can’t recommend her enough for anyone who is having some initial difficulty but is determined to continue their breastfeeding journey.

Brendan Hughes
Really does care about the best interest of mother and baby
10 September 2023

Lauren was amazing with my partner. She provided support and encouragement for natural feeding without treatment for tongue-tie.
She understands mums and babies like nobody’s business and really does care about the best interest of the health and well-being of mother and baby, very reasonable for price for the service she provides and we would be willing to pay over and over again! Any questions we had she spent time and really went in to depth with it!

Sandra and Brendan

Ella’s mummy and daddy

Charlotte Victoria
Kind, patient and very thorough
20 August 2023

We went to see Lauren about a suspected tongue tie in our 1 week old son. She was kind, patient and very thorough in explaining our options and the pros and cons of these. We left feeling more confident about our feeding and we saw positive effects from the division within a day or 2.

I credit Lauren with getting us to this wonderful place
13 August 2023

Absolutely amazing. I came to Lauren in total desperation after 6 weeks of feeding through gritted teeth, lots of damage, right at the end of my ability to persevere. I was ready to quit breastfeeding. She made adjustments to my technique, gave me new things to try and fixed a minor tongue tie. Most importantly, she gave me the hope that things would get better. So I carried on and things got better and I've now been successfully breastfeeding for 8 months. It's really easy now and it's the best thing ever. I'm even able to donate milk to 2 other babies. I credit Lauren with getting us to this wonderful place. If I'd never had that appointment with her, there is no way I'd have been able to continue breastfeeding.

Nathan Woolgar
Great advice given with a balanced view point
11 August 2023

Great advice given with a balanced view point based on an accurate assessment of the severity of our little ones tongue-tie. We made a decision to proceed with the procedure that despite some doubts proved to be the best decision for us. Our little ones feeding has become much more of a settled routine that is night and day obvious to where things were beforehand. Thank you.

Lauren Dixon
Professional & thorough & really helped put my mind at ease
10 August 2023

Lauren is professional & thorough & really helped put my mind at ease during the very quick procedure. It has made such a difference to feeding & is now pain free. She also recommended some products which really helped my sore nipples recover. Without having this done I don’t think I would have been able to continue breast feeding. Thank you!

Life changing after weeks of struggle
11 July 2023

Lauren was incredible, made us feel at ease as I was very anxious about the procedure. She was really thorough with her investigation and identifying the tongue tie. Since the procedure my baby is latching and feeding much more efficiently and it has really been life changing after weeks of struggle and exhaustion. I can’t recommend her enough

Oliver Heath
Great experience at the appointment
10 July 2023

We booked with Lauren soon after our baby was born as the feeding consultant at the hospital suggested he may have a tongue tie impairing his feeding. We managed to get an appointment with Lauren in good time. Communication was good and our experience at the appointment was great.

We were well informed and the division was made with little fuss and has healed up well in just a short period of time. Our babies feeding has become much more efficient since.

Bryony Cooper
Her care and advice was so valuable!
18 June 2023
Lauren is a wonderful practitioner and we’d highly recommend!
She responded to us super quickly and booked us in for an appointment 24 hours later. Her care and advice was so valuable!
Amy Shah
Absolutely outstanding from the first point of contact
4 June 2023
Lauren was absolutely outstanding from the first point of contact. I messaged her via her website contact page of which she responded straight away and even jigged some appointments around to squeeze us in the following day! My baby was 8 days old and had a little tongue tie which was making our feeding almost impossible although we had a very hungry boy and lots of milk! Lauren watched our initial latch and actually suggested using nipple shields first of which my baby took to immediately with the help of Lauren. She then examined my baby’s mouth thoroughly and scored him showing that he did have a tongue tie, she explained the process very clearly and was able to answer all our questions with her evident wealth of knowledge! We came away that afternoon and I was able to do our first proper feed in the park in the sunshine!!! Thank you so much Lauren!
Alexander Belozerov
Lauren’s expertise and passion for breastfeeding are truly exceptional
2 May 2023

Lauren's professionalism, expertise, and passion for breastfeeding are truly exceptional.
She is a wonderful communicator and was always available to answer our questions and provide my family with reassurance and encouragement.

Overall, I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough. She is an amazing breastfeeding consultant who has made a huge difference in our lives.

If you are looking for someone who is caring, knowledgeable, and supportive to help you on your breastfeeding journey, then Lauren is definitely the one to choose.

Thank you, Lauren!

Rebecca Geddes
I can’t recommend Lauren highly enough
28 April 2023
I can’t recommend Lauren highly enough. We took our daughter to see her because of pain when latching and during feeding. Although baby was gaining weight well, Lauren listened to all our concerns and explained thoroughly that baby only had a minor tongue tie - she was happy to perform the frenulectomy that visit if we wanted or for us to go back the following week if needed after putting in to place all her latching technique advice. We decided to practice the latching first but did go back the following week as I was still having pain on latching. Following the frenulotomy (which made baby a bit sad for a day but she was then back to normal) we quickly eliminated all breastfeeding pain and I am absolutely delighted! (Having previously fed for 20months with my elder daughter and suffered a painful latch for most of that time- this feels like an amazing achievement!)
Thank you so much Lauren x
Elena Emtseva
Lauren has been an absolute lifesaver!
26 April 2023
Lauren has been an absolute lifesaver for me and my baby during our breastfeeding journey.
From the moment I contacted Lauren, I felt confident that I was in good hands. She is kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. She listened carefully to my concerns and questions and provided me with personalized, evidence-based advice that was tailored to my specific needs.
Lauren's support and guidance have been invaluable to me. She has helped me navigate through some challenging moments and has empowered me to feel confident and comfortable with breastfeeding. Thanks to her, my baby is thriving and we are both enjoying this special bonding experience.
Rob Smith
Lauren was caring, brilliant at her job and had a great bedside manner
22 April 2023
My wife was in a lot of pain and the NHS identified our three day old had a tongue tie. I searched and found Lauren online. I made contact by WhatsApp and a response was received instantly, advice on what may help in the interim and appointment to be seen within 48 hours, and on a bank holiday.
When at our Home Lauren was brilliant, explaining the procedure, taking care of our daughter and offering advice both pre and post procedure. Lauren was caring, brilliant at her job and had a great bedside manner. My wife can now feed pain free and our deepest thanks go to Lauren. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an assessment or requires treatment. Thank You.
Nicola Pereira
I no longer dread feeding time
14 March 2023
My little boy had a tongue tie and we were finding feeding extremely stressful. He was also struggling to gain weight in the couple of weeks following birth. Lauren was so quick to respond to my email and visited us at home the next day. She completed her assessment and the tongue tie procedure during the visit. She also spent a couple of hours with us to help with positioning and getting a good latch.
A week on from the procedure and support we are exclusively breast feeding and my son has gained 400g in weight.
I could not be happier- I no longer dread feeding times.
Lauren is a credit to her profession – money well spent
5 March 2023

Our son was less than a week old and my wife was struggling with his feeding. The midwife confirmed it was possible tongue tie, but waiting list was weeks on the NHS. We were recommended Lauren and seeing her reviews they looked excellent. I contacted Lauren and she responded within minutes and then giving us an appointment that day. Her clinic is clean, tidy and welcoming. She spent the time with us discussing about tongue tie, feeding and given the support to my wife she long required. Lauren is professional, caring, understanding and very very knowledgeable which gave confidence and left my wife feeling grateful and positive on her feeding journey with our son. I can honestly say it was money very well spent and would highly recommend to any other parents out there struggling with tongue tie. Lauren is a credit to her profession and we are incredibly grateful.

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