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Adolfo Cuenca
100% recommended!
November 24, 2021

100% recommended! Lauren did a tongue tie assessment and division plus breastfeeding support that really made the difference for us. Thank you again for your support!

Krislyn Vega
Lauren addressed all of my worries and I didn’t feel rushed
September 24, 2021

Lauren was amazing. We came to her for our LO’s tounge tie assessment and division. She was so nice and welcoming. She made us feel comfortable all throughout the appointment. She was very thorough in her explanation with regards to scoring, risks involved with TT procedure, what to do if the baby becomes unsettled after and the help and support available in case we need one. She took her time and even taught me ways that can help improve my baby’s latch. She addressed all of my worries and I didn’t feel rushed at all. She also kept in touch to see how things are going on our end which I appreciate. I highly recommend her.

Thank you so much for your help Lauren!

Kate A
Made a real difference to our little family!
September 2, 2021

Having had a wonderful experience seeing Lauren with my first baby, I had no hesitation in returning to her when baby number two had some problems feeding. Lauren was calm and empathetic, she listened attentively (despite my rabbiting on). Lauren performed a thorough examination of baby to check for a tongue tie and explained the score to me. She watched me feed and gave some great suggestions to improve things. I would not hesitate to recommend Lauren’s services, she’s made a real difference to our little family!

Charlotte Brignull
Very friendly and helpful
September 1, 2021

Lauren was very friendly and helpful. Gave us numerous options on how to approach our complex case. Thank you

Alyssa Stevens
Kind and gentle
August 30, 2021

Lauren is amazing! She came highly recommended from friends, and we weren’t disappointed. Our son has had problems with his bottle feeds for weeks, and things are finally now improving following his tongue tie division last week. He gets much less frustrated and windy and feeds much better.

Lauren assessed him and explained about the scoring system. She looked at his feeding and helped us slow the flow a little bit for him. We were really nervous about the procedure, but Lauren was kind and gentle with him, and he wasn’t too bothered by it at all! Thank you so much for your help!

Rob St Paul
Great experience!
August 1, 2021

Great experience! I contacted Lauren to discuss a potential tongue tie on my 19 week old son, that had been previously dismissed by my health visitor. Lauren was very responsive when scheduling an appointment, offered good availability and we were seen quickly.

Lauren is incredibly knowledgeable, and talked me through the procedure in a way that made me feel totally at ease. Our son was treated there and then and feeding has been so much easier since. Lauren also offered some really valuable breast feeding support to help us get a deeper latch aside from the tongue tie.

Finally, Lauren was great in following up after the procedure too to see how things were going and to check in.

Leanne Ward
I’m really pleased we have been able to succeed with breastfeeding
July 17, 2021

We contacted Lauren following a stressful first 10 days of our little boys life. We had lost 12.45% of his body weight by day 5 and had been readmitted to hospital and put on a feeding plan. Our initial intention had been to exclusively breastfeed and the feeding plan required us topping up our baby with formula to ensure weight gain. Our baby had suspected tongue tie which is how we were put in contact with Lauren and a desire to wean him off the formula. Lauren got back to our original enquiry very quickly (same day (Friday)) and saw us on the following Monday. She was able to diagnose our son to have a small tongue tie but also offered advice on latching to ensure I was giving him the best chance on the breast. She was also able to help provide me the confidence that my milk supply was sufficient and that I could wean off the formula to be exclusively breastfed without it impacting his weight gain. We decided together that we wouldn’t correct his tongue tie but instead see how the feeding went following her latch advice whilst reducing the formula and within 2 days we were fully off the formula and he had maintained / gained weight. Without Lauren’s support and encouragement we could have easily slipped into remaining to combi feed / revert to formula but I’m really pleased we have been able to succeed with breastfeeding. Thank you Lauren for your support for a first time mum who felt like giving up.

Mit and Reema
Outstanding aftercare
July 1, 2021

Thank you to Lauren for her incredible knowledge and support during our very hard BF journey! Lauren was calm and put us at ease. The aftercare to our appointment was outstanding. We are so grateful to have booked with her and would recommend all friends and family to Lauren thank you again.

Nicole Bartlett
Lauren was sensitive and made us feel comfortable
July 1, 2021

Our six week old baby was really struggling to feed; choking, crying and dribbling most of it out of the side of his mouth! Lauren was amazing from the start. We were desperate to see her and she made time for us to do so as soon as possible. Baby needed a tongue tie division and Lauren was so sensitive, explained everything perfectly and made mum and dad feel comfortable. Eddie has improved so much since and is like a new baby! Thank you

Katie Slavin
I was extremely nervous but Lauren put us at ease
June 18, 2021

Lauren was absolutely amazing when we had our 18week old boys tongue tie cut. I was EXTREMELY nervous knowing that he was a lot more aware of the situation but Lauren put me and my partner at such ease. She carefully explained the procedure and after care with us and answered any questions we had… and there was a lot, before, during and after. Lauren came to our house the day after I had contacted her and she was very professional and also followed all Covid-19 safety measures. She also stayed after until our baby stopped crying and started to settle and answered so many questions about his feeding and gave me a lot of advice and information that as a first time mum in lockdown really needed to hear and without her knowing, she boosted my confidence with feeding my baby! We are now 3 weeks post procedure and bottles times are now stress free and he now finishes nearly every bottle!! I cannot thank and recommend Lauren enough ⭐️

Ashley Spruce
We can’t thank Lauren enough for making us feel confident and at ease
June 1, 2021

We can’t thank Lauren enough for making us feel confident and at ease, we was so worried about our twins having tongue tie we didn’t want to Wait 2 weeks for that nhs to do one twin then the other it just made sense to get it done together and in our own home. We found Lauren Wong to be very experienced and honest we trusted her and she did us proud. our babies were tongue tie free in 10 mins of each other I can’t think Lauren enough our twins are now doing amazing we would definitely recommend.

Gemma Moncada
I was close to giving up but Lauren helped me continue
May 24, 2021

Lauren was extremely gentle and supportive when assessing our little boy for tongue tie. she then explained the procedure clearly for us and was supportive in then observing the feed immediately afterwards giving slight adjustments to help improve his latch. Her follow up support was just as good giving advice and support via text when feeds had deteriorated slightly. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone needing breastfeeding and/or tongue tie support. I was close to giving up my breastfeeding journey but Lauren helped me continue.

Shannon Gabrielle
Have been able to continue our breastfeeding journey
May 6, 2021

Lauren was extremely prompt in offering us an appointment which was extremely welcome as we were struggling with our breastfeeding journey. My little one had a posterior tongue tie which Lauren fully assessed and then talked through the options available to help with this – following the appointment we have since had no further issues with breastfeeding & are continuing our journey! Highly recommend, thanks again Lauren x

Leila Nutine
Knowledgeable, friendly and professional
May 1, 2021

Knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Thank you

Vicky Barrett
Would highly recommend
April 21, 2021

I had been advised by my midwife that my son had a slight tongue tie which may have been contributing to his reflux and bitty feeding. The NHS wait was over 2 weeks and I was concerned if we waited that long my breastfeeding journey may have been cut short. Lauren was able to see me the day after my initial enquiry and was very reassuring. She carried out a thorough check first and spent time observing and supporting me feed. She was honest in her advice that the tongue tie procedure alone wouldn’t be a magic cure all but gave me lots of other advice to improve my feeding. The procedure itself was very quick and Lauren followed up with me a week later to ensure all was okay. Would highly recommend if anyone has suspected tongue tie or just generally struggling with breastfeeding.

Jenna Ellerton
Lauren was so welcoming and put us at ease
April 16, 2021

Lauren was so welcoming and put us in complete ease when she did our sons tongue tie division. It made such a difference to our son and would highly recommend Lauren, even if it’s just for advice!

Chrissy Bury
I went from being completely devastated to over the moon
April 12, 2021

I could not recommend Lauren enough! I had my son 3 weeks ago and originally contacted Lauren for tongue tie cut due to there being a wait list at the hospital and me being in a lot of pain from it- and booked in for the next day! The night before she came, I had given Jack a bottle as recommended by the midwife due to weight loss and after that Jack completely refused to feed from me. Thankfully Lauren was already due out the following day, cut his tongue tie and then helped us re-establish breast feeding. This was not straight forward but Lauren was absolutely fantastic, she used different techniques, was calm and patient and got Jack back feeding!!! I had gone from being completely devastated to over the moon! Her support following has also been the best support I have had and she’s answered all my questions and given fantastic advice. Without a doubt saved our feeding journey and supported us the whole way. Jack has gone from losing a lot of weight to gaining a strong amount almost back at birth weight. I could not be happier!

Jenni Blake
Kind, professional and compassionate
March 26, 2021

Lauren assessed and divided my 9 week old son’s tongue tie in March 2021. From start to finish she was kind, professional and compassionate, providing detail on the operation and clear guidance on healing and recovery. My son’s feeding has improved dramatically, with him taking in much less air and he is much more settled. Thank you Lauren!

We felt extremely valued and listened too!
March 17, 2021

I would highly recommend Lauren for anyone who is struggling with a baby with tongue tie or with breastfeeding. Lauren was able to help our little boy so much not only with the tongue tie but great support in making me feel at ease whilst she gave us tips and help with breastfeeding! We felt extremely valued and listened too!

George Curelea
We highly recommend her services, she is absolutely incredible!
March 16, 2021

Lauren is an incredible professional, she has assessed our daughter’s tongue tie and did the division. She has also assisted us with breastfeeding advice and answered all our questions with confidence. We highly recommend her services, she is absolutely incredible!

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