3 January 2024

I contacted Lauren on 22/12 regarding my newborn’s tongue tie, she replied very fast and got us booked in at her home clinic for the next day.

Lauren was very friendly and informative during the whole process, she watched how he latched and then assessed his tongue tie. Throughout she was explaining and showing me all of her findings. My son’s tongue tie was borderline so I could make the decision to see how we go with weight gain after some latching advice from Lauren and come back or to get it cut on the day, I decided to get it cut.
The process was very fast and again Lauren explained it all, we then got my son to latch back on for more milk.

Lauren also gave lots of advice of ways to improve his latch and exercises to do at home to help with the cut tongue tie.
She also followed up to see how we were doing the next week and said that if I ever start to struggle or have any more difficulties that I can contact her again.

She made what was a stressful and difficult time much more easier and not only helped with the tongue tie but all of the information provided left me feeling very supported, this was needed greatly.

Thank you very much