8 August 2020

I contacted lauren half way through my pregnancy, due to hearing that some of my friends had experienced difficulties with their babies including tongue tie and establishing breastfeeding. So I wanted to be as prepared as I could be and sourced lauren to have on standby should I need her help, following the birth of my baby. So lauren and I had been in communication prior to the birth of my child and I was aware of her services.
As it turned out my daughter did need lauren’s assistance very short notice. Lauren was exceptional and was always very prompt with a response, despite some very early morning contact in sheer desperation. In the end my daughter saw lauren for a tongue tie procedure and lauren also recommended a lactation consultant to assist, as she was unavailable. Lauren also recommended medication to help me lactate. Again this has been invaluable as I was desperate to breastfeed but my milk was in short supply. Lauren has demonstrated her compassion and her level of expertise and I would recommend lauren in a heart beat. She was fantastic!

Thank you so much Lauren!