17 July 2021

We contacted Lauren following a stressful first 10 days of our little boys life. We had lost 12.45% of his body weight by day 5 and had been readmitted to hospital and put on a feeding plan. Our initial intention had been to exclusively breastfeed and the feeding plan required us topping up our baby with formula to ensure weight gain. Our baby had suspected tongue tie which is how we were put in contact with Lauren and a desire to wean him off the formula. Lauren got back to our original enquiry very quickly (same day (Friday)) and saw us on the following Monday. She was able to diagnose our son to have a small tongue tie but also offered advice on latching to ensure I was giving him the best chance on the breast. She was also able to help provide me the confidence that my milk supply was sufficient and that I could wean off the formula to be exclusively breastfed without it impacting his weight gain. We decided together that we wouldn’t correct his tongue tie but instead see how the feeding went following her latch advice whilst reducing the formula and within 2 days we were fully off the formula and he had maintained / gained weight. Without Lauren’s support and encouragement we could have easily slipped into remaining to combi feed / revert to formula but I’m really pleased we have been able to succeed with breastfeeding. Thank you Lauren for your support for a first time mum who felt like giving up.