12 April 2021

I could not recommend Lauren enough! I had my son 3 weeks ago and originally contacted Lauren for tongue tie cut due to there being a wait list at the hospital and me being in a lot of pain from it- and booked in for the next day! The night before she came, I had given Jack a bottle as recommended by the midwife due to weight loss and after that Jack completely refused to feed from me. Thankfully Lauren was already due out the following day, cut his tongue tie and then helped us re-establish breast feeding. This was not straight forward but Lauren was absolutely fantastic, she used different techniques, was calm and patient and got Jack back feeding!!! I had gone from being completely devastated to over the moon! Her support following has also been the best support I have had and she’s answered all my questions and given fantastic advice. Without a doubt saved our feeding journey and supported us the whole way. Jack has gone from losing a lot of weight to gaining a strong amount almost back at birth weight. I could not be happier!