3 December 2021

After a difficult and traumatic time feeding my eldest, I was over the moon when my daughter was born, latched and fed beautifully. However, after a few days it was all starting to feel horribly familiar – excruciating pain, cracked and bleeding nipples, dreading every feed. A midwife suggested she might be tongue tied and I knew I needed help as soon as possible, so I found Lauren on the tongue tie website and booked the next possible appointment for when my daughter was 11 days old. Lauren made me feel immediately at ease, explained everything thoroughly and listened when I needed to offload. She corrected the tongue tie quickly and efficiently, my daughter cried for a couple of seconds then latched and fed comfortably. She gave plenty of advice on positioning and latching baby, and how best to heal the damage to my nipples. Lauren checked in regularly to see how we were getting on, and came back out to see us when I needed moral support to get rid of the nipple shields.My little girl is now 12 weeks old and still exclusively breastfed. I am happy, comfortable and confident feeding anywhere and everywhere – in a busy pub on a Friday night, walking in the woods, in a swimming pool, even in a sling while mucking out my horse! I can’t thank Lauren enough for saving my breastfeeding journey; if only all new mums had access to this kind of support right from the beginning. Highly recommended!