3 July 2022

Don’t think twice – go and see her! There’s not many times I will say this but Lauren is truly gifted! she was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. my sister found her details on a group page recommendation. I was crying and curling my toes in pain every feed. I had had a C-Section 3 days prior to seeing her with my first baby. feeding was do painful and baby was cluster feeding. I heard of tongue tie and had googled it as suspected baby might have this, at the hospital when I asked they said no, but someone had written it in her red book (unbeknown to me) my partner was anxious about tongue tie division, but after Lauren explained everything and had confirmed she did indeed have tongue tie we went ahead, baby hardly cried for 2 seconds and I instantly found relief with feeding. baby had lost weight initially but she’s swiftly putting it back on and I’m able to continue my breastfeeding journey without dreading every feed. Lauren gave after care advice and tips which are invaluable.