13 January 2022

Our son had a significant tongue tie and whilst in hospital there was no support given or any idea on waiting times for this to be resolved. My son was also significantly jaundice and struggling to feed due to his tongue tie. I was keen to get his tongue tie resolved very quickly. Fortunately I found Lauren’s details on Facebook. I contacted her from my hospital bed. Lauren responded almost immediately. We arranged for Lauren to come to our house the day after we were discharged from hospital. Having Lauren in our house instantly put us at ease with the procedure. She was calm, kind and incredibly knowledgeable. She was able to understand and sympathise about our difficult time in hospital. Lauren also chatted to my toddler and took the time to give him attention also. The procedure was quick and my son cried for just a few seconds. Lauren had explained every part of the procedure so well that we knew what to expect in terms of after care and recovery. My son was almost instantly latching and feeding better. Lauren contacted us a few weeks later to ensure everything was going well. I highly recommend contacting Lauren if your baby has a tongue tie or feeding related issues. She was absolutely brilliant. My son is now 3 months old and has had no issues since. Thank you Lauren!